How to write something people want to read

Don’t bury the lede: i.e. Start with the end
This might feel counter-intuitive — don’t I want to gradually building up tension until the big reveal at the end?
Yes, that’s a great thing to do, but the reveal isn’t what happens, it’s how it happens and how people react to it happening and all the consequences.
So, lead with stating the most important thing first: where you’re going to take the reader after they’re done with your product.
Think of it like this: if you have a list of steps that will get someone to success with your product:
  1. Sign up
  1. Confirm your email
  1. Write a blog post
  1. ...
  1. ...
30. You now have an audience of paying readers bringing in thousands of dollars a month!
Start with telling your audience what success looks like.
It’s the only thing that will get them through the intermediate steps. And keep them anticipating the next step with excitement as they see your plan come to life.
And if you’ve done the work to guarantee success for people that follow your roadmap (i.e. made a good product), you should have very little reservation about leading with the end