Emotionally sustaining yourself as a human being (and thriving) online while running a business

It’s all about saving energy
And making sure your energy is going into REAL THINGS that MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE to the people around you
Only then will you get the real-time, emotional feedback loop your body and mind need to thrive as a human being
  • Think of real life — you’re constantly getting feedback from people around you, especially friends who nourish and validate you, care for you and tell you you’re on the right path
You might not achieve the degree of real-time, emotional feedback you need to thrive online (comments are rare, fan letters are rare), so you need to find real ways to sustain yourself in the real world and make the real world as warm and nurturing as possible — this is where you’ll get all your energy and fill up your depleted reserves
  • Take breaks
  • Go for walks
  • Don’t work after 6pm
  • Don’t work on weekends
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Make sure there’s space between your online work and your family/friends time, so you don’t take stress from one into the other
  • Make sure you have time to process and brainstorm new ideas — a 20 min walk before work and a 20 min walk between 90 min sprints works well for me
When you get closer to getting real-time feedback and emotional validation for your work, your entire life changes
  • Things feel real
  • Things feel meaningful
  • Things feel sustainable
  • You actually make a real difference in other people’s lives
Online difficult to navigate right now — there’s so much noise. You can be a place of comfort and rest for other people by not contributing to the noise and being honest and true to yourself. The fact that online is filled with people spouting lies and hatred doesn’t mean the whole thing is trash — it just means that we have to create the meaning for ourselves by putting out there what we want to receive. Kindness, love, patience, caring, honesty. If we consistently act according to our values, we’ll slowly attract a community that values those things as well — while other people will unfollow, unfriend, or unsubscribe from us.